Back End

What type of CMS system do you use? If we need to edit or update something on the website, what is the back end programming that we would need to know OR is this something that we have to update? If so, is there a charge?

We build all of our site using WordPress. WordPress is very user friendly and fun to use. We will provide user access and training to anyone who would like it. That said, the back-end we put together is very straightforward and almost foolproof. You should have no issues here. The only updates needed are free and automatic through WordPress.

Responsive site

It says that it the site is designed to work on multiple devices. I just want to confirm that it is desktop, tablet and mobile across multiple brand products. I see desktop and mobile listed out in a few places but NOT tablet.

Responsive design has nothing to do with specific device or operating system requirements. Its almost entirely is based off of screen width. We build our sites to approximate 27 inch and 13 inch monitors as well as iPad / iPhone screen sizes. Anything that sits in (or around) those sizes usually looks just fine. Tablets usually display closer to the 13 inch than the iPhone but adjust if you use them vertically verses horizontally. Our site will work on every device and browser that is still supported. Discontinued versions of IE or Blackberry for example are no longer supported by modern design tools / code. There isn’t much we can do there.


Do they provide any additional SEO refresh down the line?

WordPress by its very nature is incredibly SEO friendly. We include the plug in Yoast which is above and beyond the best SEO additional to WordPress. We set it up and admin the top level descriptions for all pages. From there it is available to you at the bottom of any page you edit and you can easily change and further manipulate the settings. We can always help down the line but usually (especally for a restaurant as theey recive lots of local press and push from sites like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc…) this falls into place very quickly.

Google Analytics

I will set this up on our master account and provide a tracking number to the FUTURE REFERENCE team to implement on the back end.

Yoast also provides areas in the admin section to plug in your various tracking accounts. Its plug & play and again very straightforward.