To start on any web project we need two things, a registered domain name and hosting set up. If you are registering a domain name for the first time we highly recommend dreamhost.


Web Hosting

For hosting we have two recommendations:

  1. Digital Ocean – This is the easiest option, cloud hosting that is easy to deploy, incredibly reliable and fast. We can set this up and invite you to be the admin. Form there you have complete ownership and control of your server.
  2. Dreamhost – A longtime favorite. They will be your best option if you want complete control over you account or wanted to host multiple accounts on the same server.

In addition to domain registration and hosting here are a few tools that we highly recommend to our clients. Regardless of your project scope we find all of them to be incredibly useful. Please sign up accounts and grant us access so that we can make sure your site performs at the most optimal level.


Web Tools

Google Webmasters:
You want to be found on the web. Google wants to help.
Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources.

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Google Analytics:
Google Analytics lets you analyze data from all touchpoints in one place, for a deeper understanding of your customer experience. You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.

Sign up and send us your Universal Analytics tracking code:


Mailgun helps send and deliver your email. Their software automatically manages the delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox. If something happens that keep your messages from being delivered they will let you know. It is an excellent tool for any site that involves forms of complicated contact needs.

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